Inside A Lawyer’s Briefcase

Have you ever had a certain image of a lawyer in your head? Some people see lawyers as fast-talking folks in sleek suits with briefcases in hand. Sometimes, they can also be journalists who live to expose the truth.

For us, they are the heroes who always put the bad guys in jail.

And their most trusted weapon? The briefcase.

David Bjornson briefcases

Just in case anyone who is reading this does not know what a briefcase is, it is a narrow hard-sided box-shaped bag which is equipped with a handle and is used mainly for carrying documents. Lawyers commonly use briefcases to carry briefs to present to a court, hence the name. Briefs, on the other hand, are written legal documents used in various legal adversarial systems that is presented to a court.

Ever wonder what was inside that leather case? Wonder no more because real estate & tax guru, David Bjornson of Bjornson Law Offices, lets us in on what lawyers usually have in their briefcases:

Digital Recorder

Similar to a journalist, a lawyer uses the digital recorder to record thoughts, notes and instructions. A digital recorder doesn’t come with the length and usage limitations brought upon using a tape recorder. It allows people to insert additional information into the middle of a previously recorded note and can easily move from one recording to another.

Being a lawyer already requires you to do so much and remember so many things, digitally recording commands, meetings and information just makes things so much easier for any busy lawyer.

Financial calculator

Having a handy-dandy financial calculator definitely helps lawyers who deal with a lot of numbers think faster. It allows them to compute present values, amortizations and payments.

Lawyers who specialize in handling taxes, corporate businesses and real estate development, like David Bjornson, would definitely need one of these in their everyday lives.

Notebook and/or Pad paper

People need notebooks and pad paper for different reasons. So do lawyers, but it would all have to depend on their preferences. Some may prefer using only notebooks, some may prefer using pad paper and in some cases, they just go the digital way and use an iPad but to someone who has been in law for 30 years, you can never go wrong with having both paper and a notebook.

Expandable file folders

It’s no doubt that briefcases were made to hold documents in place. That is why it’s a lawyer’s greatest weapon. What most people do not know is that lawyers do not simply use regular folders anymore. What lawyers nowadays use are expandable file folders. Often referred to as Redweld or red rope files, they are used to neatly hold lawyers’ documents while they go to court.

Heading a law firm and handling multiple cases is no easy job, which is why having at least one expandable file folder to hold his documents in place and organize files is very helpful for a busy lawyer like David Bjornson.


These are only some of the staple items that lawyers have in their briefcases. Each lawyer is different and not every one of them have the same set of needs. We hope that this helped you understand lawyers a little more. They aren’t all perfectly made up as what most people think. Their briefcases are the armor that they take to battle in order to win the war.


    1. It’s more like they don’t really have a choice. Lawyers should really organize their documents well because once their documents accidentally get shredded or get lost in the mail, they’re in for some serious legal drama.

  1. They may not be police officers who use guns, doctors who use expensive equipment to examine their patients but they are lawyers who bring briefcases to court. They do all they can to win a case–especially with the help of their briefcases. Great job lawyers!

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