A healthier and happier lawyer

How to Become a Happier and Healthier Lawyer

Lawyers usually work 80 hours a week and their time becomes a valuable and irreplaceable resource. An excellent way to maximize relaxation time is to find activities that can help in improving your mental, physical, and emotional health. This way, you can hit two birds with one stone: (1) you can enjoy your time off, and, (2) you can become a happier and healthier lawyer.

Improving Mental Health:

Mental exhaustion is a real thing. Most people experience it through fatigue, dizziness, forgetfulness and, on rare and extreme occasions, physical pain from headaches and nausea. When you start to feel the symptoms, the best thing you can do is to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Sleep alleviates stress from the body, but it is not a luxury that most lawyers can afford. Here are some alternatives to help improve mental health:

Consider Something Artsy

Trying out a new hobby might be a good way to relieve mental exhaustion. Art only requires you to express yourself and this is exactly the kind of outlet that a person can release stress with.


Meditating is misunderstood by most people that you have to pick a certain pose to stay relaxed but no, it isn’t really like that. Meditating simply means achieving a relaxed state. The beauty in this is that you can meditate from anywhere. You can meditate while sitting on a chair, walking to work, or even eating your lunch. In this stress-filled world, sometimes all it takes is a little time to meditate.

Go out

Staying in an office that’s enclosed in walls is hardly a place for you to relieve stress. Simply going out and enjoying a good scenery can improve your emotional well-being.

Improving Physical Health:

Improving your physical health can increase your endurance and stamina. This will make you less prone to exhaustion. Taking care of your body should be a priority in your life and this can be done by doing simple activities such as:


Some good examples of simple exercises are calisthenics, stretching, aerobics and anaerobic exercise, as well as Tai chi, a defensive type of martial arts that promotes circulation of the blood. This can be done 4 times a week for a total of 10-15 repetitions  every session, with Tai chi as an exception to this where, it should be done before you start the day, everyday. Doing so can improve your health in the long run and will revitalize you, so more work can be done with less chances of getting fatigued.


Trekking is an opportunity to leave the big city and enjoy the company of nature. This is a good way to improve your health as well as a time to enjoy the fresh air that the city can’t offer.


Jogging can be done easily. All you need are a good pair of shoes, time and the willingness to start jogging. If you have no time to do the other things on this list, you will surely have time for jogging.


This can be a good alternative for exercise if you prefer the art of self-expression. Dancing can generally improve your emotional and physical health because it only requires you to express yourself and to move your body.


Sports is an enjoyable form  of recreation. Some examples of sports are basketball, tennis, swimming,  soccer, and badminton. This offers a way to improve your health and enjoy your time at the same time.

A Balanced Diet

Keeping a balanced diet might be the most important item on this list.The food you eat will affect your health so you should prioritize eating healthy food that can give you the nutrients that your body needs in order to effectively fulfill your responsibilities as lawyer. This can give you more energy in your exercises and it can also give you a feeling of self-satisfaction which can result to maintaining a positive exterior.

Improving Emotional Health:

A person’s emotional state is very delicate and should be treated with the same care as with mental and physical health. There are many ways in which you can improve your emotional health, such as:

Watching a good movie

A good movie might just be what you need to achieve emotional stability. They say crying is good for you, so go ahead and watch a sad movie—or two if you feel like it.

Eat comfort food

Comfort food stimulates nostalgia and creates a feeling of pleasure when eating. Eating comfort food is a successful way to reduce a person’s emotional stress.

Spend time with the people you love

There is no reason NOT to be with the people you love. Spending time with the people you love is the easiest way you can reduce emotional stress

Listen to good music

Good music is always a relief. This is easy to do and will take little time so if you’re feeling emotionally stressed, take a break and listen to your favorite song. You will feel much better than you did before.

Getting off the grid

If you’re feeling stressed out and need time to be alone, just do it. Sometimes getting off the grid might be your best option. Being alone can sometimes help improve your emotional health. Who better to empathize with than yourself, right?

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