5 Time Management Myths for Lawyers

Every day lawyers are bombarded with numerous activities and countless deadlines that stress them out and affect the way they handle their work responsibilities. The way they manage their time can be due to varying work habits, preferences and even personality.

The following are the common time management myths:


Time can be controlled

Humans cannot manage time nor can they save it. Time passes at the same rate for everyone. You can plan as much as you want, but at the end of the day, you may still not get through your entire to-do list.


Making to-do lists will make you more productive

This kind of list is a trap! To-do lists do nothing to further a project or task. They simply remind you that your tasks are not done yet.


Sudden deadlines, emails and calls are the biggest time wasters

These are not time wasters, they are time obligations—they come with the job. In fact, emails, phone calls and meetings are indisputable challenges of today’s current work culture.


A perfect time management system exists

The truth is, there really isn’t a “perfect time management system” because everyone works differently at different paces, and they have their own schedules to follow.


Undivided focus is king

The most effective way to a successful outcome is NOT from hours and hours of complete focus and uninterrupted time. It may be more efficient, but it’s not more effective. Remember that there are other factors, which you have to adjust to, that affect your productivity. For example; company cultures, management timelines, and your own personal schedule.

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